domingo, 9 de janeiro de 2011

Exchange students.

It's so sad when you see your friends leaving... people that you've just met but it seems like it was such long time ago... Exchange students are like this. They become best friends since the first time they meet each other! That's because they know and can understand the experiences you are passing through, and no one else can understand it the way you feel it. Exchange students are the strongest, they are able to leave their safe lives behind and come to a brand new world, a place where they don't know anyone and nothing. And for being an exchange student, I know what it feels like.... to miss your family, friends, places, food, pets... to miss HOME. And now that I see that some of these first-time-best-friends are coming back to their normal lives, in their home country, it feels like I need to make my remaining time here worth it more than everything, because someday soon the dream will be over, and I'll be placing my first-time-best-friends, I'll feel what they are feeling now... so happy to be going home, but at the same time, so sad to leave all this new life behind, the new life that you've got to built all on your own. I just wish I can look back, after all is over, and smile, smile to remember all the amaizing people that I've met, the beautiful places that I've seen, all the stories, the secrets and everything....
Yes, there were some times that all I wanted was to get in the first plane and come back home, missing people that you love is never easy.... But I could pass through it, and I know that when I get on that plane, to go home for good, I'll wish to get off of it and spend a little bit more time with everyone here! Specially the ones that I will never ever see again.... And that's why, I decided that I will have NO REGRETS, and do everything that I can to make this experience to be just UNFORGETABLE! ♥

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